3-4 Jun 2024 Lyon (France)



“Sensing’s the beginning of understanding”


Each year, the Guided Optics & Sensor Systems conference (GO2S®) converges the players in the field of optical fiber into its sensor application. After GO2S 2019 Paris, GO2S 2020 LYON then GO2S 2022 at the Aquitaine Optical Institute in Bordeaux, the new edition will return to the Hôtel de la region in Lyon co-organized by the Hubert Curien Laboratory  and  the ARUFOG association.

The GO2S initiative created in 2008 by André Champavere, then president of the ARUFOG Association (Association for the research and uses of fiber optics and guided optics) focuses on the use of optical fiber as sensor or sensor network. Whether deployed in smart buildings, the city of the future or in smart territories or even embedded in mobile systems, fiber optics can extend its use by exploiting the multiple possibilities in sensor mode.

The synergies at the technology level and the deployment of these technologies between the field of data transmission and the field of Sensors are at the origin of the GO2S® initiative. They strongly contribute to the specificity of these conferences. Since its creation in 1986, ARUFOG maintains within the association a balance between the academic world and the industrial world in order to bring out new uses of optical fiber, as in the case of the GO2S® project.

GO2S® conferences are an opportunity for exchanges between laboratories, suppliers of fiber optic technologies and systems and current or potential users of these optical fiber sensor systems. The GO2S® conferences are also the occasion of an exhibition of materials and demonstration.

Contributions are solicited reporting on original research (both experimental and theoretical) in the following areas:

  • Transportation & Mobilities
  • Emerging fibre technologies and applications
  • Harsh environment applications
  • Smart City, Smart Building and Smart Territories
  • Energy applications
  • Fibre sensing data processing and management
  • Fibre optioc sensors on existing installed telecom infrastructures


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